We welcome the opportunity to offer you as much insight as possible regarding our proprietary platform. Please feel free to study our FAQs and contact us with any additional questions.

What is the difference between a Licensee, User, Contractor, and Regional Director?
In joining FetchMozzo, you are a Licensee intent on building your own successful broker business.  Only Licensees can join FetchMozzo via License Agreement.

Users are sub-accounts with unique login credentials you can create for those who will assist with daily operations and managing your overall broker business.  As a Licensee, you can limit the roles of each User in the event there are some you do not wish to authorize full access to your account functionality.

Contractors are those who operate their own business and earn commission providing service on behalf of your broker business.  You can add an unlimited number of Contractor accounts with unique login credentials and custom portals.  Contractors can operate and manage their entire business directly through the FetchMozzo account you create for their exclusive use.  To learn more about Contractors, click here.

Regional Directors is a unique position for key personnel who earn commission training other Contractors and cultivating local business.  Regional Directors can also serve as Contractors earning commission providing service in your broker business.

Can I join FetchMozzo as a Contractor and work for an existing Licensee?
No, only Licensees can join FetchMozzo.  However, if you are a Contractor providing various types of service, you can share your information through our Contact page.  We will share your information with the Licensee closest to your area who can contact you to explore the possibility of joining their team.

What is the cost of joining FetchMozzo?
FetchMozzo is offered by License Agreement only.  For exclusivity purposes, no more than one License Agreement will be issued per zip code.  The cost of each License Agreement may vary depending on location and time of enrollment.

How can I join and create a FetchMozzo account?
FetchMozzo is not currently offered to the general public.  FetchMozzo is offered by invitation only to a select group of established business owners.

If you are interested in being of consideration, please feel free to complete an “Inquiry” and our management team will review and contact you for further information.

Can I operate my broker business outside of my zip code?
Yes, you can use FetchMozzo to build and grow your broker business in any location. However, in an effort to better support and offer exclusivity to our Licensees, we will only issue one License Agreement per zip code.

How can I learn more about building my own broker business?
When you complete our “Inquiry” submission form we will contact you with further insight and information.  If your zip code is not under Agreement by another Licensee and you are a successful and established business owner, we may offer you an invitation to join FetchMozzo.  Should you move forward and become an active Licensee you will be provided with detailed material explaining the particulars of building a success broker business.

Why must I be an established business owner to join FetchMozzo and become an active Licensee?
Because of our exclusivity and commitment to making FetchMozzo as successful as possible for existing Licensees, our goal is to find the most capable and experienced business owners as possible.

We seek to partner with entrepreneurs who can afford, see, and value this unique opportunity and are skilled in teambuilding and problem solving.

We are interested in partnering with long-term members who can build diverse, thriving broker businesses versus members who can’t afford to take advantage of and adequately maximize this opportunity.